Venom & Vice by Jill Ramsower

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I’ve been gifted with a second chance at life, along with magical powers.

The catch? I need sex to fuel my powers and a teacher to help me wield them.

A wild chemistry sparks between Casek and me.

He’d be the perfect teacher if he wasn’t the most brutish, stubborn man I’ve ever met.

He makes it impossible to learn.

But when I mention learning from anyone else, his Fae eyes blaze with fury.


Ashley has no idea of the danger she’s in.

She thinks having powers is all fun and games, but she’s not any ordinary Fae.

The unique origin of her magic has painted a target on her back.

I’ve been ordered to protect her, and I’ll do whatever it takes because Ashley is mine.

Whether she knows it or not.

**While this book can be read by itself in theory, the majority of the world building and character introduction takes place in the first book of the series, Curse & Craving. It is HIGHLY recommended that you read the book in order!!



Welp, it’s safe to say I didn’t see that happening. Goodness. This Author sure does know what she’s doing when writing her story and her world.

For someone who was excited about Fae in book one she sure does seem to be having a go with it in this book! Then the end…. I kind of saw one thing coming, but the other thing…. I cannot wait for book 3 to come out! Luckily we do not have to wait long!

Okay, so that was me trying to show you much I loved this book without giving out what happened! I would hate to spoil it for you! What I will tell you is that Venom & Vice had a lot more spice than book one, Curse & Craving - and I was totally here for it. Yes, I said I like working up to it best, but I am always up for spice when it's not completely detailed. I didn't have to clutch my pearls or anything haha.

As we learn in book one, Ashley has been given a second chance at life thanks to Merlin, who is in fact a Fae. But with that comes powers and a danger that is lingering in their town. Her love/hate or love to hate interest, Casek, may be coming in between her and her powers though thinking it would protect her. Was he wrong? Read to find out!

I definitely suggest this book, but PLEASE read Curse & Craving first. While they can somewhat be standalone, I tried to read this first from the ARC that I received and it was a bit difficult to catch on.


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