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Updated: Dec 28, 2021

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Q & A with R Knight

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and how became an author? I'm R. Knight but my original pen name was Ivalice Knight. I started heavily reading contemporary romance again about two years ago and shortly afterwards, happened to stumble upon paranormal romance. I was instantly hooked and read as much as I could! In October 2020, inspiration hit and I decided to try my hand at writing my own book. The very first book I wrote is still a work in process and I hope to have it released soon. In early 2021 I started working on a couple of other books, New Beginnings and Children of Prophecy: Hell's Lost Princess (Book 1). A repeated dream/nightmare inspired New Beginnings. After nearly two weeks of the same dream, I decided to write it and see where it took me. Writing it down, helped incredibly and the book took turns that I wasn't expecting at all. Shortly afterwards, I also started Children of Prophecy: Hell's Lost Princess. Book 2 is currently underway. I have a few other WIP going on for both PNR and contemporary romance. On the PNR side, I have shifters (wolf, dragon, jaguar, bear, harpy), demons, angels, vampires, and witches books that will be coming out hopefully within the next year or so. I'm also working on a couple of contemporary romances, one of which is a motorcycle club series. What is your writing process like? If I'm at home, I make sure I have any notes that I'd already accumulated, a drink at the ready and sometimes even a snack. I do need quiet to write unless it is instrumental music. Since my desk is in my living room, I sometimes have to use earplugs if someone is watching TV or playing a video game. I'm more of pantser, meaning I mostly write as the story develops in my head versus outlining a book before I start. My muse bounces around a lot, so I would write until I hit a writer's block in my current book or when my muse jumps ship again to another book, I'd move to follow my muse. I'm currently working on five WIP and have tons more ideas that I haven't started yet other than jotting down the initial idea. What do you like to do when you are not writing? Usually, I'm reading something on my enormous TBR. However, I love playing video games as a close second. For family time, we play a lot of board games, watch movies and during the spring/summer/fall we camp as much as we can. We have a permanent site next to two other families that we spend a lot of time with. Between us, there is a gaggle of children, so it's never boring! How do you celebrate when you are finished writing a book? Firstly, I usually scream "IT'S FINISHED!" loudly and it tends to freak out the pets (three cats and a pug). Sometimes my family, too. They are a bit more used to it now, but lots of hugs and congratulations are given by my family. Then, it's messages to my parents, my editor, my PA, my author chat, and posting on my author Facebook page. How do you celebrate when one of your books is released? My daughter actually started the celebration. She asked if we could go out to a restaurant for dinner to celebrate. My husband and I love to cook so we don't often go out to restaurants. So far, we've gone to a nearby Japanese Steakhouse for both of my book releases. What is the most challenging part of writing? Overwriting a scene. Whether it is a fight scene or where the characters are hanging out, I tend to add more than I really should in those scenes. What part of writing is the most fun for you? Definitely figuring out how to tie everything together. I am constantly making notes of things to make sure I answer later in the book (or a later book in a series) as need be. I love how things begin to mesh and pieces of the puzzle start to fall even more into place as the story progresses. What Authors or other books have inspired you to write? When I first started reading PNR, I fell in love with Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti, M Sinclair, Chandelle LaVaun, Kel Carpenter, Debbie Cassidy, Avery Song and Ella Summer to name a few PNR authors. Since then, my list of PNR and contemporary authors that I read include Dakota Brown, Jacquelyn Faye, Aeryn Havens, Vera Valentine, Stephanie Brother, Ciara St James, Roma James, Cee Bowerman and Shae Sullivan. And that's not even counting all of my TBR! I've learned so much from reading all of their books. What is your favorite passage from one of your books? Out of works that I've published, it would be the below from Children of Prophecy: Hell's Lost Princess. “Now be a good girl or I’ll cut that pretty face of yours,” he snarled as he cupped my sex through my pants. I slammed my forehead into his face, breaking his nose. Blood gushed down his face as he stumbled back. I felt a trickle of blood on my cheek from where his knife nicked me. Pulling with all my strength, the chains on my hands and legs went taught. Soon the metal strained further and then the links broke. I then broke the weaker chain that kept my wrists bound together. Since the cuffs were still around my wrists and ankles, I now had four weapons tied to my body. I smirked because it was going to hurt when I used them against my captors. Logan looked at me in disbelief, and I just smirked at him again. One of his guys grabbed a knife and charged at me. I dodged most of his attacks before punching him square in the temple. I smirked at the others as he went down like a sack of potatoes. Two other guys tried to attack from the side, but I flung my chain around one of the guy’s arm and kicked him in the stomach. With his arm still bound, I brought my elbow down forcefully on it and heard his arm snap as he howled in pain. Releasing him, I blocked the other guys’ attack, but their knife still managed to graze my ribs. I kicked him in the balls and when he dropped forward; I slammed his face into my knee. The last guy charged forward with a knife in each hand. I gathered the chains in my hands and started blocking his blows with them, leaving bright red welts wherever they whipped him. He got in a lucky blow to my ribs, and unfortunately, they were the same ones that Logan had hit earlier. That was going to really hurt later, after I lowered the barrier. I grabbed both of his hands as he made another attempt, pulled him closer to me, and slammed my forehead into his nose. He howled in pain as blood gushed down his face and he clutched his nose. I punched him hard in the gut, and when he went down on his knees, I landed another blow to his temple. All that was left was Logan. He looked around at his men on the ground in shock. They were either howling in pain or passed out. He charged at me with his knife. Dodging him, I latched onto his arm, brought my knee up and slammed his arm down across my knee, breaking it just like I had done earlier with one of his minions. He got in a punch to my jaw with his other hand and I staggered back a bit. Swiping his leg out from under him, he landed hard on his kneecap. Needing to end this I roundhouse kicked him in the head. He dropped to the ground unconscious. “How’s that for being a ‘good girl’?” I spat some blood out of my mouth at him. Blood I acquired from his lucky punch. If you could meet any of your characters, who would it be and what would you say to them?

Oh, that is hard to decide. Erin is somewhat based off of me, especially since it was based off of a nightmare that happened to my family (I'm not an amateur boxer but I do have a punching bag in my basement that I work out my frustrations on). In my other books, bits and pieces of my personality (and my husbands) are scattered throughout the main characters so that is very hard to decide. It would probably be Dragon and Thor from an upcoming book. I'd tell them to give Levi space, make sure to take into account her feelings, and that they can't control everything. Even if they are alpha a**hole bikers.

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