Let's talk about mental health!

As some of you may have noticed, I have been MIA for a bit now regarding blogging. I had this whole huge spreadsheet of everything that I wanted to do this year to make this blog huge. But my mental health started declining a bit. February is a VERY rough month for me yearly, and I thought if I had just pushed through it, everything would be okay. I was wrong. Come March, I was just done. I worked, I took on a new Author as PA (love her), and I never let anyone see that I was struggling. I worked hard to be okay and made sure my work was damn near perfect. I even made SOPs (standard operating procedures) or PAWs (procedures and workflows) as my friend Kim likes to call them, to make sure that everything I did was great and nothing was missed. And you should see my calendar and task lists!

One thing I used to do when I was struggling was actually blog. I had a pretty good blog going that helped me grieve and cope after I lost my son to cancer in 2015. So, along with our book reviews, Author spotlights/takeovers, and whatever else I keep or add to the blog - I will be using this for my outlet too. Not only for me but to remind everyone how much mental health is important. Plus, maybe.. Just maybe... I help someone else feel like they're not alone.

There is also a lot of negativity in the book world, and even the world right now. We are all struggling it seems. I've seen people being constantly put down and pushed out of "circles" when they don't do what others want them to do. I have seen talks about piracy, returning read books, bashing creators, bashing reviewers, and more... I am only a small fish in a big sea, and it is affecting me... I can't even begin to imagine what it's doing to the bigger fish that this is directly affecting. It makes me wonder if anyone even thinks before they speak or act anymore... Or if we all just forgot how.

Everyone is going through something. And even if it seems to you like it's "not that big of a deal", everyone feels things differently. You could feel your miscarriage with the same depth that I felt the loss of my son from cancer. I use this example because this has been said to me multiple times. "I haven't had to watch my child die, I only had a miscarriage", or "I didn't know my child as long as you did as it was only a miscarriage". The depth of your feelings on any matter does not change just because someone's situation seems worse. An Author finding out their book is being pirated can feel equally the same to them as something that you are going through that you feel is worse.

Treat people with the kindness that you want to be treated with, we are all struggling. And for the love, go read a book!


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