Top 5 Books Read in January 2022

Hey look! Another new series for this year! Every month I will bring you the top reads that our readers have voted for, for the prior month!

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Coming in at Number 5 is: Ascension of the Queen by Niki Trento

Soleil is not ready to take the throne, not when it means she will be losing the one constant in her life. Her father.

When her mates come to lay claim to her heart, they also infuse her with strength, courage, and most of all, love. The three sexy shifters are more than arm candy for the future queen, they are her future.

The darkness lurking behind a mask of kindness can easily bring Soleil and the Hogle Pride to their knees. Taking everything from them they hold dear.

Will Soleil and her mates be able to save the crown? Save the pride? Save each other?


Coming in at Number 4 is: The Firm by Erin Mc Luckie Moya

Josh and Raquel have known each other for years - The Society placing them in the same circles, each watching the other as they grow into someone that sparked their attention.

It was no surprise when The Society paired them together, slating them as a match for the breeding program. But the more Raquel discovers about The Society, the faster she backpedals from them and Josh.

But is Josh content to let go? Can he simply walk away from this spitfire of a woman who challenges him at every turn?

The second installment in The Illuminati files will leave the reader wide eyed in shock and awe as more secrets from The Society are uncovered.


I want to rage at the world about how unfair this whole situation is. About how something that I know is inherently twisted, has thrust him and I together. I see the fire that burns through him - the rage at it all, and it calls to me. And his burning rage should only fuel mine, but it somehow doesn't, it blankets and soothes my storm - which only makes this whole situation even more precarious. Because even if I wanted this, I am not the girl for him - because after last summer, I will never be the type of woman that The Society breeds.

And Josh? He isn't as oblivious as he seems, but if given the choice I don't think he would choose me, I think he'd choose them, even if he didn't want to. Because the truth of the matter was that we didn't have a choice.


Coming in at Number 3 is: Caged Royal by Lily Wildhart

The worst part about betrayal, is it never comes from your enemies.

I should have known better, I should have seen the signs, but now all I'm left with is heartache and disappointment.

They may think they've got the better of me, but I won't go down without a fight. Especially when it comes to the ones I love.

Even if I have to protect them from themselves.

Wading into the depths of darkness, nothing can prepare me for the secrets that bind us.

The truth will either be the answer to our salvation or the beginning of our downfall.


Coming in at Number 2 is: Saving the Sautiitions by Melissa Smith

Destiny is a strange thing. Changing our life paths dramatically with every twist and turn.

Nothing held more true for Captain Kari Hanley.

With a mission to complete and people to save, she won’t let destiny stop her. One way or another she will finish what she started.

Returning home poses all new problems, putting lives in danger, and causing secrets to be revealed. When an odd ship appears, seemingly out of nowhere, research reveals Captain Kari may have just found the solution to a burning problem her team is facing.

Will it be enough to handle this newest foe?

Will the relationships so recently forged hold against the strain and pressure, or will they break with the tension?

*Saving the Sautiitions is the second book in the Among the Cosmos series and which must be read in order. This is an alien-human romance that contains explicit sexual scenes, hostage situations, and graphic language suitable for +18 audience. Please read at your own risk.*


Here is the number one book that our readers chose for January 2022!

The Order by Angel Lawson

Sacrifices—that’s what females make to live in Serendee—an urban utopia. We give up our family, our choices, our bodies.

Some people call it a cult, but they don’t understand. We give it our all, and in return, Serendee gives back by providing a safe, idyllic home.

Starting with The Order, a marriage arranged by the leader of Serendee to the male of his choice.

I don’t expect the perfect mate, but when I’m matched with Rex—the rebellious, handsome, and destructive heir of Serendee, I’m stunned.

Until I find out why I’ve been chosen.

Rex doesn’t want me, but his father will do anything to keep his son in line, including having his three best friend’s train me to be the perfect mate, in and out of bed.

Elon, Silas, and Levi will test my beliefs, my faith, and every ounce of loyalty I have to Serendee.

What I don’t understand is that Rex’s goal is to break free.

But first, he’ll have to break me to make it happen.

The Order, book 1 of the Cult of Serendee, is a contemporary, dark reverse harem romance, by USA Today and Amazon best selling author, Angel Lawson.


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