Happy New Year from RMWB!

Hello, my lovely readers! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

I know I totally dropped the ball on my Blogmas, and even though I planned and had everything laid out - it was sooo much! Next year, totally doing 12 days and not a full 25!

With that said, here at Romance me with Books, things are changing. We have added a new blogger to help with reviews…. Say Hi to Katie! I have changed the way you will be able to find things too. You can find the topic you are looking for, or who wrote the post within the categories - and if you are looking for a certain trope you can look in the tag cloud.

We will also be adding different topics that will be discussed monthly! While I still want to bring you book reviews, I want to bring you lovely readers even more.

So…. Starting this/next month you will get five things…

  • Monthly Book Box Reviews

  • Author Spotlights

  • Blogs post from Guest Authors! (I am excited for this!

  • 10 Books that have come out that month - we will be watching! We know that so many books come out that much, and while there will be some of the same faces, we would like to feature new and upcoming authors as well

  • And monthly top 5 books that our readers+ have loved the prior month. You can actually start adding and voting here for January, https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/170550

This month the Book Box we are reviewing is Hidden Treasures. Our author spotlight is HJ Marshal. And our guest author is Cassandra Joy.

So, subscribe, follow along, comment on whatever you’d like, and tell us below in the comments what you did for New Year's Eve!

I’m in California, so we watched the ball drop in New York and then went to bed at 930 our time.

Thanks for joining in on the fun!

-Amy D

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