6 New books in February you may have missed

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A widowed single mom, a tattooed brewery owner, and a winter they will never forget.

After losing her husband, the last thing Mandy Adams wanted in her life was a man. Being welcomed into a tight-knit circle of friends, her plan was thrown to the wind in the form of a persistent and devastatingly handsome brewery owner. Caught between protecting her two children and giving into her desires, Mandy needs to decide if she can let her guard down and love again.

On the verge of expanding his brewery, Zach Richardson is living the dream. His days are filled with making beer and his nights with drinking it and hanging out with his friends. The last thing he’s looking for is love, especially in the form of an insta-family, but the addition of a certain redhead in his circle of friends will make him rethink everything he thought he wanted.

Torn between his workaholic lifestyle and a taste of family life he didn’t know he wanted, Zach needs to find a balance and prove to Mandy he can be the man her family needs.

Will he be able to convince her to be his forever Valentine, or will Mandy turn away at a second chance at true love?

With Michaela in the debt of Shayteen, Whisper is finally free of the Hell World he suffered in for hundreds of demon years. But there seems to be a price for Whisper’s all-new freedom and it has made Whisper’s life just as, or even more complicated. Whisper is serving his true nature and dealing with Michaela’s service to Shayteen, all while trying to hang on to a stubborn soulmate, who won’t forgive him for the most ridiculously perceived transgressions in this life, and one or two from some previous ones. Stuck in the middle of everything, is a broken-hearted Gabriel, whose odd obsessions with cooking shows, has turned him into Suzy Homemaker.

~ It’s best to know, you leave those you care about before they leave you. I’m Theadora Langdon … and EVERYTHING sucks.

A vacation in Las Vegas with friends was going to be nothing but a good time.

When two of Samantha Nollins friends surprised everyone that they eloped, she was ready to party. After all, she was known to celebrate at all times, along with her bestie Nate Haddic. However, when they wake up the next day, their two friends weren’t the only ones who eloped!

Samantha and Nate immediately go to the court house, only to be told they need to wait ninety-days and try to make their marriage work.

There was nothing worse than two players who had to settle down. In order to keep their friendship intact, they created rules – which seemed easy enough.

First rule, no sex. This was a bummer, but there was no way they were cheating on each other, even if the wedding was fake.

Second, they had to visit each other more, which was no sweat off their backs.

Third, they couldn’t tell anyone. This was mainly because it was only ninety-days, why get anyone else involved?

Fourth was more because of the court order, but they had to take pictures of them together. This way, they could show the judge they tried, but it didn’t work.

Lastly, the most important role, was no falling for each other.

But, what happens if the lines start to blur?

A woman in search of a place to belong.

A man finally getting his second chance.

And a lingering secret that threatens to change everything… Alex Benning has never known a true home. After inheriting her beloved aunt’s cottage in the small coastal town of Moon Harbor, Maine, she finally gets a chance to start over and leave the life of solitude behind. But she never expects to find herself face to face with her first love—the first man to ever break her heart. Sam Waters stopped looking for love a long time ago. With a job he enjoys and people he cares about, he’s finally learned to be content with things just as they are. Until the one who got away comes back into his life and makes him crave more. The flame between Alex and Sam reignites and the sparks between them are brighter than ever. But as Alex settles into her new home, she begins to uncover the truth about her family and the tragedy that changed her life all those years ago. With more questions than answers, Alex and Sam set out to discover what really happened. And the closer they get, the closer danger lurks. Will Alex be able to survive the unraveling of old family secrets before it’s too late? Before she loses Sam forever?


If it wasn’t for my best friend, Savy, I’d never go back to Montana. Seeing that I’m her maid of honor and in charge of catering, I have little choice. Imagine my surprise and irritation when a wedding issue arises, forcing me to leave Florida a few days earlier. Our hometown never shed its bullies, no matter how much time passes or how false the rumors are. Did I also mention my restaurant is in danger of going under because of a greedy hotel corporation? That effectively leaves no room for falling in love, right?


I just didn’t know he'd be a villain masquerading as a hero.


I’m a guilty man, dishonest to everyone about my identity. I have my reasons and I don’t expect anyone to understand. Seclusion is my brand of communication and it’s worked for sixteen years.

Until now.

She makes me feel—she makes me think. She makes me want to be who I really am. But once she discovers the real me, the one whose family is built on destruction, can I prove to her I’m not lying about my heart?

Another small-town romance sweeps through Montana with unexpected twists, unadulterated passion, and a quest for redemption.

Revenge is a dish served in pairs… so when Chase and I use each other to get back at our cheating exes, will we find love instead?

When I find my boyfriend cheating on me with another guy’s girlfriend, the last thing I want is to get him back. Instead, I reach out to the boyfriend of the girl that he was cheating with. Chase is a star football player, and I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that someone would be dumb enough to cheat on him. Together, we hatch a plan: We’ll pretend to date so that our exes can see what they’ve been missing.

As the two of us get closer and thoughts of my ex start to drift away, things begin to heat up, and we both get scared. Feelings were not part of the bargain, but it looks like it’s not going to matter. Are the wounds from our exes too fresh for us to overcome? Will we be able to leave the lie that we have been living in, or will admitting our true feelings so that it was the truth all along?

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