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Nerdy Book Box

Welcome back to my book box review! It's been a few months, but here we are! I wish I could afford to do these more often for you all, but the price would definitely add up quickly. That is not to say that what is in these boxes isn't worth the price, because they definitely are. So many goodies came in the Nerdy Book Box, AND the page sides are spray painted! Super cool, and makes for a pretty addition to your bookshelf!

This box is themed around Erin Kinsella's book Heart and Seoul. It comes with character cards - which I thought were pretty cool, a bookmark, and a note from the Author. You can find and purchase her book HERE.


She’s living her very own K-drama.

Beside herself with excitement, best-selling author Tessa Hale flies to the vibrant city of Seoul, South Korea, where she’s meeting the cast and crew of the film adaptation of her book. The thrill shifts to star-struck panic when she discovers the actor cast as the lead is the idol she’s been high-key crushing on for years.

The last thing he wants is more real-life drama.

Baek Eun Gi is part of one of the biggest K-pop groups in the business. Music has lost its lustre, and he’s hoping a shift in focus will bring back that connection he craves. Although he’s estranged from his family, he has his friends, a thriving career, and a healthy respect for the dating restrictions imposed upon him.

Meet cute,

When their paths collide in the most unexpected—and embarrassing— of ways, they try to put it behind them. Too bad there are photos. The music company is irate and offers them a way out of the scandal—a marriage of convenience. Their lives are about to turn upside down, but it just might be the best thing that’s ever happened to them.

Other things found in the box were a tea ball, tea stir spoons, an Aloe face mask, an enamel pin, and other marketing material.

I have not tried the tea ball yet because I need to look up the ingredients and make sure that I can while nursing - but I am excited to try it! I love tea! And I am assuming that these are spoons to stir the tea. Regardless, they are super cute and I will be keeping them on my desk as nicknacks. Let's just hope that my middle son doesn't toss these over the fence too. That is a story for another time...

The enamel pin has a microphone and beautiful flowers on it with a book. I am going to say this is also themed with the book. I haven't read it yet, so I can't be quite sure about it.

The Nerdy Book Box is definitely worth trying out. The owner is super nice and personable and even though I noted that the box was small when I first saw it in the mailbox, it is packed with great products!

You can purchase a Nerdy Book Box or subscription at .


*** This is a review based on a book box that I had purchased without a promo for the trade of an honest review. However, if any book box company would like a review please reach out to and I would be happy to oblige. It may just take me a while since I do buy these. Thanks!

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