Happy Holidays - Bringing to you 25 days of Blogs!

I am so excited to bring to you all Blogmas - 25 days of blogs! While this is such a daunting task and I am totally stepping out of my comfort zone by doing this - it has actually been quite fun gathering all of this together for everyone! I swear talking to new and amazing authors always gets me all gitty and fangirly! I have been reading for so long, but never imagined I would be able to talk to authors like this. They are so down-to-earth and wonderful people at heart. I know that we talk to them sometimes in their reader groups, but getting to know them has been such a joy for me and truly a holiday I will never forget!

For the next 25 days, you will get to meet new to you authors. Of course, true to my blog, they will all be a romance author of sorts. We will have contemporary authors, RH (why choose) authors, LGBTQ+ authors, and all sorts of tropes!

For almost every author there will be a giveaway of one of their books or audiobooks, links to their books, and a little peek into their brains on how they come up with stories for us lovely readers!

I hope you will subscribe and follow us through this journey all the way to Christmas day!

Have a wonderful holiday my friends - and if you so choose to enter all of the giveaways - may the odds be ever in your favor!


Amy D.

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