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Welcome to a new SAGA here on the Romance me with Books - Blog! These will start coming out on the second Saturday of every other month! I was going to do it monthly, but this series is going to expensive quickly.

Starting out our year we have...

Hidden Treasures Romance Book Box

So I actually chose this one before I decided to start this series of blogs because they were having a holiday sale. I chose the Paranormal Romance box because I was having a need to read some good PNR when I ordered it! I will say that I am impressed with it! It is the first book box that I have ever ordered. I mean, I have ordered other boxes before that had like cutesy stuff, but let me tell you how much I used them... NONE.. Okay, maybe the shall/robe thing. But with this book box, not only will I read everything in it - I will also use the sleeve they sent with! Although, I am going to use it for my iPad and Kindle.

I really liked the presentation of this box when I opened it. The addition of the 'Thank You' card really made me smile. I am not fond of all the paper sprinkle stuff inside of it though. I understand why it was put in there, I just have small kids and I am a hot mess when it comes to EVERYTHING! And naturally, when I opened the box my kids came over and wanted to play with it. So this is nothing against them putting the tissue paper stuff inside, it's merely a personal problem here.

So first let's talk about the books... I am including clickable links to Amazon so you can check out the books yourself if you would like!

The Alpha Awakens by Anna Fury

Wake Up Alpha by Anna Fury

The Replacement by K. M. Rives

All three books came with stickers - and both of the Anna Fury books came with bookmarks. I absolutely love that all three books were signed by the authors. I think this adds so much personal value to the book for me. I am not sure how much value it is on the "streets", but I love the personal touch that it adds. The stickers are nice, but I won't personally use them... Could you imagine what kind of questions I would get from my boys about the Knotty sticker? Haha, I really don't want to imagine with you at this point. Although, I rather enjoy making my 14-year-old blush!

I absolutely love this sleeve. I love almost everything floral though! Is that me getting old? Maybe... This sleeve has two pockets. You can see the one that the book is tucked in here and then there is an opening on top too. It is twelve inches tall by nine inches wide, so it can fit almost any book or i-reader that you have. Probably not school books though...

You can find and purchase these at

In all - I really like what this box offers. If I were to rate this like I would a book I would rate it a four out of five stars. The only reason I dock the one-star would be because it is originally $50. I did get it for $30 because of the sale. But shipping on top of $50 is a bit much for me personally. With that said, I received three books, a bunch of stickers, three bookmarks, and a book sleeve.

If you would like to check out Hidden Treasures Book Boxes please go to

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