Author Guest Post* Cassandra Joy

Hi! My name is Cassandra Joy. I'm a Contemporary RH Adventures author. I've been writing for most of my life. I began publishing as a teen, back when you still had to send full manuscripts through the physical mail system. I've used a number of pen names over the years, depending on what exactly I was publishing. Cassandra is my newest pen name, specifically for reverse harem romance.

Below is a short story, exclusively for Romance Me With Books, that I wrote for my fans. The first book in my series, Dawn of a New Day, ends with an HEA. Except...they're not exactly married yet. Pesky non-polygamy laws. And while they do get married in the second book, A Touch of Sunshine, I knew that some readers wanted to see their wedding day from their perspective. So I wrote "Long Awaited". I hope you enjoy it!

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Ch 1 Jenn Hansen

I sat in the stylist’s chair and just stared in the mirror. He was going on and on about how beautiful the last wedding he went to was. I wasn’t really paying attention because something I’d been totally sure of for the last several months suddenly felt very… real.

I wasn’t regretting leaving Richard. Not at all. And I wasn’t really regretting his death, as terrible as that day had been. And when I was in the same room with them, I didn’t regret wanting to marry Len, Dan, and Colt. But when they weren’t with me?

“Mom!” Josh practically yelled in my face.

I jolted and looked into his eyes in the mirror. “What’s up, honey?”

“I called your name ten times, Mom.” Josh shook his head. “What were you thinking?”

“Um,” I looked down at my hands. “Nothing?”

Josh turned to look at the stylist and gave a wan smile. “Could you give us just a couple of minutes? I promise this won’t take long.” The stylist raked his eyes up and down Josh’s body, then nodded with a smile and sashayed away. Josh didn’t notice.

“Out with it.” He leaned on the counter in front of me and folded his arms across his chest.

“What if I’m wrong?” I whispered. “What if getting married again isn’t the right thing to do? What if I should wait? Find someone else? Someone my age? There are so many things I just don’t have in common with them.”

He laughed. My son flat out laughed in my face. “Do you even hear yourself right now, Mom?” He shook his head. “You sound like me when I first realized the four of you wanted to be together.”

“They’re valid points! You should have been worried. I’m just not sure why I wasn’t.”

“Because they weren’t valid points,” Josh said softly. He bent over a bit, putting his hands on the armrests of my chair. He looked right in my eyes. “Because those men would give anything, do anything, be anything for just one more minute with you. They don’t love you to the moon and back, mom.”

I screwed up my face. “What?”

“They love you to the ends of the universe and back,” Josh finished. “They love you more than the air they breathe. None of them have bothered to look at another woman since they met you. You’ve been it for them. For years.”

“But, what if…” I began.

“No.” Josh’s voice was firm. But he lifted a hand to gently hold my neck. “They aren’t Dad. They’ve never been like him. Pretty much everything Dad did? They’re going to do the opposite. No more doubting. It’s time for your happily ever after.”

I just stared at my son for a moment. “When did you grow up?”

A sly grin slid up his face. “The moment I realized Mac and Alex and Sarai didn’t need a scared little boy. They needed a man to love them, stand up for them, protect them, love them unconditionally.”

“I like this you,” I said softly. “I like the you that loves them.”

Josh kissed my forehead. “I love you too, mom. The you that blossoms under Dan, Colt, and Len. The you that’s treated like the queen she is. Now, let’s get your hair and makeup done. Then you can marry the men of your dreams.”

I sat back with a smile. I could do that.

Ch 2 Dan Anderson

“You want to do what?” I looked at Colt. He frequently came up with crazy ideas, but this one seemed to be the craziest.

“Change all of our names to Anderson-Russo.”

“Why?” Len asked.

“Well, none of us want to be Hansens or Harrisons. The Russos are the family name we’d all be proud to carry.”

“So why the Anderson?” Len asked.

“Because Dan’s the head of the family,” Colt shrugged. “And since Asshole’s name wasn’t Anderson, we don’t have to worry about the negative connotations.”

“It doesn’t have any positive ones either,” I muttered. I knew I carried my birth father’s last name, but my mother refused to tell me why she’d left him to marry Asshole. So I really wasn’t sure why he wasn’t in the picture. Ever. As far as I was concerned, he was someone that abandoned his family. But at least he didn’t beat me. He left that up to his replacement.

“Anyway,” Colt sighed. “All I’m saying is that we should share a name now. And I like Anderson-Russo better than any of the other options.”

“Legally,” Len said, “That’ll work for me and Dan. But the county clerk is going to want to know why two people named Harrison and Hansen that married each other want to go by the name Anderson-Russo. Name changes require paperwork. And a marriage certificate that doesn’t have Anderson or Russo on it won’t do.”

Colt shrugged. “All we need is a court order stating we’re now the Anderson-Russo family. Sure, most people use a marriage certificate, but there are other reasons to change a name.”

“A court order?” I raised an eyebrow at Colt. “Just declaring us a family? Ignoring the state’s polygamy laws? Aren’t those court orders usually for adoption?”

“So adopt us,” Colt said with a shrug.

Len burst out laughing. “Actually, I already looked into it. You really only have to fill out a form requesting a name change. And while they don’t grant name changes quite so quickly when there’s no apparent reason to change, like marriage, they do grant them sometimes. Especially if you’re already using the new name. All you have to do is start calling yourself Anderson-Russo and put bills and stuff like that in that name, and then we can apply.”

I looked at Len. “You looked it up? Why?”

“Because I knew Colt would eventually ask.” Len shrugged.

“And you’re okay with this Anderson-Russo family name?” I clarified.

“Oh, yes, honey.” He slid his arms around my waist. “I’d rather be an Anderson-Russo than anything else. Jenn too.”

I shook my head at the two of them but pulled Len even closer. “Well, I can see when there’s no hope of changing your minds because all three of you ganged up on me.”

“We’d never gang up on you,” Len said with a little pout. I couldn’t help but kiss his lip that stuck out.

“Ugh,” Colt sighed. “If you two are going to start making out, I’m going to go get ready with Jenn.”

“Pretty sure it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding starts,” I said. But I reluctantly let Len go when he pulled away. We’d get plenty of time to make out later.

“Then why are the two of you in the same room?” Colt asked. “Aren’t two grooms supposed to stay apart as well?”

Len turned to look at Colt. “Do you honestly think that Dan would have allowed that?”

“No,” Colt laughed. “I’m just pointing out that you’re laying down a double standard. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander.”

“You’re such an ass,” I laughed. “Just get dressed. The photographer is going to be ready for us any moment now.”

Colt stuck his tongue out at me, and I slapped his butt as he walked by.

Ch 3 Len Russo

They were all here. Of course they were all here. There was no way I could invite one side of the family, but not the other. No way I could invite one aunt and uncle, but not the others. No way I could invite just one set of cousins, but none of the others.

I looked out the window and just stared at all of the people in our backyard. They all had dark hair, olive skin tones, and classic roman faces. And they were all here to see one of their own enter into a polygamous marriage. I really wasn’t looking forward to the reception.

Well, I was because Josh and Nonna Russo had prepared the food. But I wasn’t because all of those conservative aunts and uncles were going to be on me about marrying a group of people instead of a single person. And two of them men, oh my! I shook my head at my thoughts. They weren’t all going to be terrible. Some of them would just be happy that I was happy.

“Did Uncle Jack find you yet?” I looked down at my baby sister as she came to stand next to me.

“No,” I said. “What’d he want?”

“To know if you’re fucking all three of them, or just the girl.” Sophia said it with a fake deep voice. Deeper than Uncle Jack’s voice actually was.

I rolled my eyes and looked back out at the yard. “Am I doing the right thing?” I whispered.

“Leonardo Antonio Russo,” Sophia slapped my shoulder. “Don’t you ever ask that again. Those three people adore you. Even Colt, and I know there’s nothing sexual going on with you two. All three of them think you walk on water and calm storms with a word and turn water into wine.”

“That’s blasphemous,” I said automatically.

“That’s the truth.” She shook her head. “If I can find one person who loves me a quarter of what any of those three love you? Then I’ll die happy.”

I chuckled and pulled her into my side, giving her a squeeze. “Okay.”

“Now,” she added slowly. “Will it be easy? No. Will you hear plenty of ridicule from people who don’t know you? Definitely. Will you have to distance yourself from some portions of the family? Possibly. But will all of those crazy people out there still love you at the end of the day because you’re their little Leonardo? Well, that’s a resounding yes.”

“Thanks, Soph,” I kissed the top of her head, though I was careful not to dislodge a single hair from her fancy up-do. “Thank you for always standing by me.”

“That’s what sisters are for,” said Angelina. I looked over my shoulder to see Sophia’s twin come up on my other side and slide under my arm for her own squeeze. “We’ll always be by your side.”

I kissed her head too. “I know, Ang. I know.”

“You’re getting married!” Angelina squealed. “Like, in half an hour! It’s so exciting!”

I laughed at her. “You’re just excited to get a slice of Josh’s cake.”

“Well, I won’t deny that,” Angelina smiled. “I’m excited to get a slice of anything Josh will give me.”

“You know, he’s practically married now,” Sophia said with an upturned nose. “You need to let that one go, Ang.”

“He’s not married yet,” Angelina insisted. “There’s still hope.”

“I just found him and Alex fucking in Jennifer’s bathroom,” Sophia said firmly. “Pretty sure you can’t compare with that Thor. Or his twin.”

I laughed. “Or Sarai, really. Soph is right, Ang. Let Josh go. We’ll find some nice boy for you. Someone not taken already.”

“Damn,” Angelina pouted. “What if I don’t want a nice boy?”

“Then we’ll find you a bad boy with a heart of gold who I can trust to take good care of you.” I shrugged. Sophia snorted. Angelina beamed.

“Come on,” Sophia shrugged out of my arm. “Let’s go get seats before we’re stuck sitting next to Aunt Marge.”

“Ew. Yeah.” Angelina stood on tiptoes to kiss my cheek then ran after her twin.

Ch 4 Colt Harrison

Today was the day. The day Jennifer Hansen would finally become my wife. The day I’d been hoping and praying for, working toward for years.

I shifted my weight from side to side as we waited for some wedding planner person to nod the three of us in. I just wanted this part over with so that I could hold her.

“Stop fidgeting,” Dan growled. I rolled my eyes, but tried to stand still.

I had been a little surprised Len backed me on the name-change thing. I hadn’t expected Dan to fight it so much. Didn’t Dan realize we were always meant to be Anderson-Russos? Yes, even me. I’d wanted to be Dan's actual brother from the moment he moved in next door. I hadn’t wanted to be a Harrison.

Speaking of which, I could see my mother’s red curls up near the front row. Not on the front row, since that was reserved for Josh’s family. But right behind them. I shifted my weight again. Why did we have to invite her? I couldn’t remember Len’s logic anymore. Something about letting her choose to mend the fences or sever all ties. Whatever it was, it had been cliche.

Len reached out and grabbed my hand. I looked over at him, confused. We weren’t really hand holders. Why was he…?

“Breathe, brother,” he whispered. “It’s going to be okay.”

“Okay?” I grinned. “It’s going to be better than okay. It’s going to be fucking awesome married to that woman.” I nodded firmly.

“Then why are you squirming?” Dan asked.

“Antsy. I just want to be done with this part.”

Len wove his fingers between mine and patted my bicep with his other hand. “Enjoy today. We won’t get another wedding. Today is about enjoying our family. Our woman. Celebrating our life. Live in the moment with us.”

“That’s so fucking weird,” Dan murmured. The two of us looked over at him, questions on our faces. “Len telling Colt to live in the moment,” Dan clarified. “It’s like the world got turned upside down.” Then his eyes zeroed in on Len’s hand on my bicep. “And that’s even more weird. Come here, amore.”

Len grinned but let me go to stand in the circle of Dan’s arms. Dan let out a big sigh.

“All better now?” I smirked.

“Yes, thanks,” Dan nodded and rested his chin on Len’s head.

I shifted my weight again and looked into the back yard. I tried not to sigh. I really did. I wanted to enjoy this moment. But I also wanted Jenn back in my arms.

“‘Scuse me,” Alex’s deep voice came from behind me. “Wedding planner says I have to go sit down.”

I turned and smirked at him. “Enjoy your tour of our bathroom?”

Alex grinned. “Yes, thank you.” He winked at me then slipped out the door to go sit with Sarai.

“You ever try a leash?” Dan asked. I spun to look at him. Did he seriously just ask that?

“Yes,” Mac laughed. I hadn’t realized he’d come up to the door as well. “We tried puppy play but decided it really wasn’t our thing.”

“I really didn’t need to know that,” I groaned. “I do not want to know what you all do to my little brother.”

“Don’t worry,” Mac slapped my back and I had to take a step forward. “I don’t want to know what you fuckers do in the bedroom either. But let’s get this thing moving. Jenn’s getting antsy.”

“Is she now?” Dan asked with a smirk. “She’s not the only one.”

I glared at him. “The only reason you’re not is because you had Len in your bed last night. I still say it was cheating.”

Len smiled a most satisfied smile. “Yes, but tonight will be all the better because you waited today.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s not true.” Mac laughed. “I’m pretty sure not seeing Jenn last night only means that Colt and Jenn will mysteriously disappear for an hour or two during the reception.”

“You’ll cover for me. Right, Mac?” I asked.

He laughed and headed out without answering me. Damn man.

Ch 5 Jenn Harrison Anderson-Russo

“I can’t wait another moment,” Colt groaned as he pulled me off of the patio-turned-dance floor and into the house.

“Colt,” I laughed. “We can’t leave our guests!”

“Yes,” he nodded. “We can. Mac’s covering for me.”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

He didn’t take me to our bedroom though. Or even our bathroom, which I was glad of. I really wish my son had picked a spot that wasn’t my soaker tub to sneak time in with his boyfriend this afternoon. Boyfriends? I was still unsure whether or not Mac had been in there with him. Only Alex and Josh had come out looking…rumpled. I shook the thought out of my head. Really didn’t need to think about my son having sex.

Nope, Colt didn’t take me to our suite. He pulled me through the laundry room into the garage. Why in the…?

He walked over to the window and adjusted the blinds so that no one would be able to see in, but that plenty of light flooded the garage. Then he pulled the door of the Jeep open and lifted me onto the back seat. I began to smile.

Before I knew what he was planning, I was flat on my back with miles of silk and tulle piled on my face. I spluttered and started to push it away when a tongue swiped from my entrance to my clit. Oh. Ooooh.

“Sweetheart,” Colt moaned into my pussy. “You’ve been driving me crazy all day.”

I moaned but couldn’t formulate any other reply because right then he filled me with at least two fingers. It felt like his whole hand. He twisted his wrist and curled his fingers just right so that I came off the seat with a shout.

“You smell so delicious,” Colt murmured. “Like heaven on earth. Like sunshine and blue skies. Like the most beautiful sunrise. Like the most decadent…”

I reached down to grab Colt’s hair. “Colt, love, shut up and eat me out. Now.”

He stood up and looked down at me sprawled on the seat. “That wasn’t very nice, sweetheart,” he said with a smirk. “Now it’s going to be even longer before you get an orgasm.”

I groaned and kicked out at him. “Bastard!” Before he could do more than turn his thigh to catch my blow, the door behind me opened. Large hands grabbed my wrists and pulled me across the seat.

“What have I told you about kicking the poor man just because he’s not letting you come yet?” A dark voice whispered in my ear.

“Daaan,” I whined. “He was talking instead of fucking me.”

Dan laughed and leaned down to kiss my nose. “All I’ve heard for the last 24 hours is how it’s not fair that he couldn’t see you. Because he needed you. And now you’re trying to convince me that he wasn’t fucking you?”

“He wasn’t,” I protested. “Just going on about what I tasted like. Instead of actually tasting me.”

Dan looked over the Jeep’s roof at Colt. I couldn't see their conversation from inside, but I didn’t need to. I knew what they were doing. They were ganging up on me. They were going to torture me all night long.

Ch 6 Dan Anderson-Russo

My wife trapped across the back seat, her ankles in Colt’s hands, her wrists in mine, was truly a beautiful sight. I looked over at my offensive guard and just raised an eyebrow. After all that moaning, he was talking instead of doing?

My wife. I grinned. Finally. We’d waited so long for this day. So many years of doing everything we could to protect Jennifer without tipping off Dick. So many years of cold showers and wet dreams. So many years of needing her, wanting her. And she was finally mine. Well, and Len and Colt’s too, I supposed.

Colt gave me a cocky grin and a wink. I rolled my eyes. Of course. He was dragging out the pleasure. Both his and hers. I shrugged at him and cocked my head to the side. His grin grew into a full smile and that stupid dimple appeared. I nodded toward the Jeep below us. Colt wiggled his eyebrows up and down, and I nearly laughed. Instead, I just smirked at him. He winked again, then dove back into the back seat.

I squatted down beside the door so that I was eye level with Jennifer’s perfect breasts. She was panting hard, and at this angle, the dress was having a hard time keeping them covered. So luscious.

As Colt went back to eating out our delicious pussy, I took over the talking portion of this afternoon’s events.

“Babe, I can completely understand why Colt was telling you what you taste like,” I whispered into her ear. “You taste like the best, sweetest, most creamy dessert ever.” Jennifer began squirming on the seat, though Colt clamped down on her hips to keep her still. “You are the first taste I want on my tongue every morning. The last one before I fall asleep at night. I want you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Your cream is ambrosia, and I’ll never be able to live without it.”

Jennifer arched up and cried out. I knew she was gushing, though the dress was blocking my being able to actually see it. But I could smell her. My mouth began to water.

“I cannot blame Colt in the least for being greedy and needing a taste before tonight. I would have done so earlier if I thought I could have gotten away with it.”

“Bastard,” Colt muttered without ceasing his licking. Jennifer squirmed again, adding a moan.

“Colt and Len and I plan on eating you every day for the rest of our lives.”

“Amen, amen,” came from behind me. I looked over my shoulder and grinned at our man. I knew he was smart enough to figure out where we’d gone.

Ch 7 Len Anderson-Russo

What a beautiful sight. Jenn stretched out between the dream team. Her limbs trapped in their wrists. Her wedding dress bunched around her middle. Her breasts spilling from their confines.

The only question was how best to join in. I nodded and walked around to the back of the Jeep, opening the door and crawling in. I leaned over the back seat and stared down at my beautiful wife.

“I do plan on eating you up every day. For many, many years to come.” I leaned down to kiss her soft pink lips.

A breathy little sigh escaped her when she met my tongue with her own. Delicious. I moaned into her mouth and reached a hand down to slide a finger between her breasts.

Almost immediately, she arched up and cried out again. I wonder how many orgasms Colt had wrung out of her since he got her out here. I kept this one going a little longer by rolling a nipple between my fingers and biting her bottom lip.

“This feels wrong,” Dan muttered.

I slowly let Jenn’s lip go and looked up at him. “What does?”

“I’m up here at her breasts while Colt has her pussy.”

I laughed. While Colt was a die-hard breast man, and Dan loved to eat Jenn out, there was no rule assigning us all Jenn’s holes. Oh, I was more than happy to be swallowed down by her every opportunity that came along. But her mouth wasn’t mine. Alone. Mine alone, I mean. It was certainly mine. One of my favorite places in the whole world. But Dan did have a point. Usually the two of them were switched.

“Nope,” Colt mumbled. “Not leaving heaven.” His face disappeared back into her folds and she started squirming again. I watched what her panting did for her breasts and licked my lips. I loved her breasts too. And her pussy. And her ass. Hell, I loved every single inch of my wife.

Mmm. My wife. I would never get tired of saying that. I looked up from her breasts and my eyes immediately landed on Dan’s hazel ones. His eyes were soft, full of love. Full of understanding. We were both more than a little obsessed with our wife, my husband and I. That made me smile. Dan was finally, finally my husband. We had the rings and certificate to prove so. At last.

I leaned forward and stole a kiss from Dan, then buried my face in Jenn’s breasts. The seat back dug into my stomach. I wouldn’t be able to stay upside down like this for long. But until I was forced to, I was going to stay right here. Licking, sucking, biting, tasting, enjoying my wife’s breasts.

She arched up again, her cry much hoarser this time. “What’s the count?” I asked Colt.

He shrugged then gave me a wicked grin. “I was planning on going until she passed out on me. So I wasn’t counting.”

I laughed and reached over to shove his shoulder. It didn’t do much to move him. “Jerk. You’ve got to let her get back to our guests at some point. I don’t think Nonna has fed her enough yet.”

Dan laughed. “Nonna Russo has never fed anyone enough yet. That’s the best thing about her,” he declared.

Jenn whimpered.

“Oh, are you not satisfied yet, babe?” Dan looked down at her and grinned when she just whimpered again.

“Another,” I told Colt. Then I went back to making love to her breasts. Dan joined me, and we soon had her breasts flushed red, her nipples peaked, her neck straining.

Dan whispered, “Now,” and we all three bit down at the same time: Colt on her clit, Dan and I on her nipples. She arched up and screamed again.

When she fell back on the seat, panting, she gasped out, “Enough. Please. Let’s go send everybody away so that we can finish this.”

I grinned at Colt and Dan. I was good with that plan. The two of them were scrambling to let go of Jenn and stand up as fast as they could. I noticed they both had to adjust their hard-ons before they could move away from the Jeep’s doors. I kissed Jenn one more time, this time on the nose. “Let’s go, mia farfalla.”

I climbed back out of the Jeep while Dan tried to help Jenn straighten her dress. It was pretty much a hopeless cause at this point. Oops.

Sorry. Not sorry.

Ch 8 Colt Harrison Anderson-Russo

I was okay with staying at our reception for another hour or two. Now that I had Jenn’s cream in my mouth, I could wait. Maybe.

I pulled the pins out of her hair, knowing the previous up-do-thingy was long gone, but that she would look just as good with her hair down.

And she did. Sorta. Whoever had done her hair had put a lot of gunk in it. It sorta lay funny now. Oh well.

Once Dan had sort of smoothed out her dress, I grabbed her hand and we headed back inside. It wasn’t long before we ran into… our guard?