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Updated: Dec 28, 2021

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Q & A with Aeryn Havens

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and how became an author?

I’ve been writing since I was able to write. In the first grade, I entered my first bit of poetry into a contest and was in the local paper. I never stopped writing, though I had many distractions through the years. It wasn’t until I spent a month in an induced coma fighting H1N1 and nearly lost my life that I realized I needed to make it a priority again. No more waiting until later to chase my dreams, no regrets.

What is your writing process like?

I start with characters. Every story I write is because I want to see them breathe on the page, to become whatever the story is going to mold them into. They become friends that I want good things for, to the point that it becomes difficult to challenge them sometimes. But it’s also fun to throw those challenges at them and let them decide how to overcome the difficulties. I don’t plot. I have loose points to hit along the way to a destination, but sometimes, even the destination changes as the story finds its legs. I’m just a conduit.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I work at a barn where I take care of a large herd of horses, some alpacas, and a bunch of chickens. When I’m not sweating to meet their needs, I enjoy spending time with my own two horses, my dog, and my new kitten. I also like cooking for my loved ones. And I read. A lot. Like, ridiculous amounts, both to support my fellow authors and to refill the word well so I am primed to write my own stories.

How do you celebrate when you are finished writing a book?

I generally go out to eat with my hubby and give my brain a few days off so I can get back in my skin. There’s typically naps and reading, working with my horses. Mainly because the last few days of writing a novel is a huge push, wringing me out and leaving little time for much else than the story.

How do you celebrate when one of your books is released?

Honestly, I have usually spent so much time and energy getting graphics and marketing online that I kind of fall on my face. I try to indulge in something extra special delicious as a milestone marker, like a slice of Victoria crème cake from my favorite tea house.

What is the most challenging part of writing?

Finding the time and energy around the rest of my life. Work often taps me out physically, leaving me too wrung out to make the words go. While I don’t have kids, I have a very supportive husband who makes do with remarkably little of my time when a book has me in its clutches. Making sure he gets some of my energy is a constant balancing act.

What part of writing is the most fun for you?

The moment the story takes off on its own. The time I spend spit balling ideas with other authors. And of course, the intense connections that come with a romance.

What Authors or other books have inspired you to write?

I’m so very thankful for the authors that formed my imagination and opened my mind as a teen and young adult. Mercedes Lackey truly played a key role in my growth as a person and a story teller. These days, my chiefest inspiration is Dakota Brown, who brought me into the Reverse Harem world and planted the seed for the story I’m working on now. The rest of the gals in Becky’s Babes also give me the daily mojo I need to keep going when the road gets rough in life and story telling.

What is your favorite passage from one of your books?

If you could meet any of your characters, who would it be and what would you say to them?

I’d spend the afternoon with my main heroine Callie. We could go on a trail ride in the mountains, and I’d tell her that she deserves all the love she’s found.


Thank you so much, Aeryn for joining in on my Blogmas! I really appreciate you!

Make sure you join her giveaway and stay tuned for more! Happy Holidays!

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