5 New books in January you may have missed

Welcome to our new monthly series of 5 new books you may have missed! If you are an Author you can always DM me in some fashion and let me know if you'd like to be featured here. There is always a possibility I may have missed you too! Side note, I was going to do 10, but that would’ve made it super long. If you don’t mind that though, please let me know and I will increase it!

I don't break the rules. And falling for my little sister’s best friend would definitely be breaking the rules. Getting her pregnant was downright irresponsible. GARRETT Aria is young. Too young. My little sister’s best friend is off-limits and always has been. Even if she wasn’t, the painfully beautiful woman is a shameless flirt—a free-spirited whirlwind of emotions. She shouldn’t appeal to me in the least. I’m looking to settle down and am desperate enough to allow the meddlesome residents of Landry to set me up. Aria Davenport isn’t on their list of suitable options, I made sure of that. Beyond our age difference and her relationship with my sister, the woman is my polar opposite. But for one night, I give into temptation and let my need for her take over.


After years of secretly pining for Garrett Caldwell—the grumpy and elusive hot town doctor—he finally looks my way.

Maybe it was only once, and maybe that was exactly what we agreed to, but that one scorching night ties us together for the rest of our lives.

An unexpected pregnancy changes everything and certainly has this small town talking.

Suddenly he claims to want more and I can’t keep the doubt from creeping in. Because building a relationship based on feelings of responsibility and obligation would break me.

So I guard my heart against the one man who has the power to destroy it.

If you are looking for a special read to start 2022 then Something About You is just the book for you, Danny and Jill’s story is a bewitching, enthralling, deeply moving yet inspirational read. I was captivated from the start as KB Barrett pulled out all the stops! - Goodreads reviewer The demons of the past never really go away. They reach up and consume all that you love. Danny has watched his brothers find happiness and peace with their women. They have the kind of love a person spends their life searching for, the kind Danny believes he will never have. But Fate has other ideas, and Jill Is strong enough to battle the past with him. Jill has her own demons, though, ones set on destroying the little oasis of peace she has fought so hard for. The problem is, there are some things not even the Mancini Family will be able to help her with. When the monsters of their pasts claw up out of hell, Danny and Jill must fight their way through love to not only save each other, but the whole family. The problem is, who are the demons after?

Rob: Seeing Jessica after eight years was a shock. She had taken off in the middle of the night for a life in the city, leaving behind me and the future we had planned.

Life had been hard without her, but now I have a daughter who is my world and a ranch staff to manage. I don’t have time to go running after old dreams. Do I?

Am I able to be around her without those old feelings popping up, or has life jaded me where she was concerned?

Had I ever really gotten over her?

Jessica: My life in the city had crumbled. My business took a nosedive crashing off the Brooklyn bridge and my marriage sank right along with it.

The only option was to go back home with nothing to show for the last 8 yrs of my life.

Seeing Rob again was like being hit with a sledgehammer in the heart. I had walked away and not looked back.

Was he living his happy ever after without me?

Can old hurts and misunderstandings from all those years ago be healed, or have they been cemented in stone?

Star-crossed legacy reapers battle more than just their attraction when a forgotten myth becomes reality, threatening everything they know.

Souls are meant to pass on.
Their existence on this plane is temporary, fleeting.
That's where Reapers come in, guiding each soul to its final resting place.

It is how it has always been, ensuring order amongst the chaos of the world.

But not everything is as it seems.
Some individuals have plans of their own. Plans for souls they should never touch.
Captured souls can never find peace or face the justice due to them.
Without order, an entire way of life, and death, is at stake.

Hidden away at Reaper Academy, twins Mattie and Ty shield everything about themselves to protect a secret they fear will lead to their deaths. Little do they know, they are the key to life in more ways than they could ever imagine and when they learn the truth, their lives will never be the same.

A long-forgotten myth of two special souls sent to guard and protect the world of the reapers suddenly resurfaces and with it come lies, deceit, and danger.

What was meant to be a new beginning suddenly becomes a risk they can't afford.

Friendships are threatened.
Family ties are strained.
Hearts are torn in two.

Can the bonds between them outlast the weight of their destiny?
And what about the one dark soul making his way into their lives? Will he become the one thing Mattie can depend on?
Or is the tortured Nikos Prince harboring a secret damning enough to destroy her last drop of hope?

The School of Scars & Shadows is the first full-length book in The Reapings series. Originally released in serial form, this volume includes all previously published episodes as well as never-before-seen content, deleted scenes, edits, and a secret POV. This is an enemies-to-lovers romance with a medium-burn and contains content that may be inappropriate for some audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

This is our fight. This is our legacy.

In the wake of passing the Strength Trial, Jade Hollow finds herself in uncharted waters.

Loyalties and pack bonds are being tested under the watchful eye of the elders as Jade prepares for the Mind Trials, judged by none other than Samuel Blackridge—who isn’t quite ready to let go of his lifelong ambition to replace the Hollow Pack as the leading pack in Starfall.

As the prophecy comes full circle, and the rise of the Legacy Pack brings forth a new dawn in Starfall Creek, Dustin, Reverie, and Ranger soon find they have more to defend than just their legendary love... and they aren’t going to go down without a fight.

Hollow’s Legacy is book THREE in the Shifters of Starfall Creek series and ends with a HEA.

This series is best read in order.

It is a shifter, why choose romance with mature themes, situations, and language.

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