Host Q & A

Q: Can we join previous tours and blitzes or is it that once the dates are complete, that reviewing time is done as well?

A: Once a tour is complete, reviews can still be posted but will not be counted for credit unless initially discussed with me prior to the tour. 

Q: I always forget where to check credits or to check for new tours.

A: The link to the tours can always be found at the bottom of every email that I send out.

Q: Do we have to use the graphics given to us, or can we take our own pics with the cover?

A: You do NOT have to use the graphics that I send with the tour emails.  These are only to make things easier for people who do not have time to make graphics.  Also, they are informational - I am not a graphic expert by any means haha.  I make sure I include the covers with every tour so those who want to make their own graphic can - with the high res photo.

Q: Are we able to get the books sooner?

A: Unfortunately, I have a set schedule for all tours to ensure nothing is missed.. Also, most times I do not have the link until the Friday before the final email goes out.

Q: Are there specific tags etc we should use on posts/stories?

A: As of right now I just have you tag the author and myself, if the Authors wish to use any other tags I will also put that in the Final emails under Bookstagrammer or Booktoker.

Q: What do I do when my review is 3 stars or below?

A: Please wait until the tour is over to post the review on GR, BB, or Zon.  For credit, you can still post a social blast on your day that includes a graphic, blurb, and tags.  Thanks!