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Dillon Bancroft is a contemporary romance author residing in sunny Tampa, Florida. 


Dillon began writing ever since she could remember. She was a horrible student because while the only class of interest to her was her creative writing class in High School, she spent the rest of her class periods writing stories in her notebooks, allowing just a few of her friends to read stories she never thought would see the light of day.


Since Bancroft never thought being an author was ever an option, she continued writing, but only for her. She's a sucker for second chances and enemies becoming lovers. She's a hopeless romantic who loves anti-heroes. 


She is a mom of two wild and crazy girls that know every single button to push, wife to a Marine who is probably more romantic than she is, and a TV junkie with obscure television quotes only her husband would know.



Her absence changed me. Rage constantly simmers at the surface. Any charm I once possessed is now tainted with bitterness. I barely recognize the man in the mirror.

I thought being apart was the answer to keeping her safe. But I was wrong.

She returns from a year in Greece after narrowly escaping the same organization that left me for dead. When she walks in the door with another man’s hand on her back, my world implodes.

But this organization isn't stopping at her.

Anyone aligned with the McKenzies are being hunted. All because one man had one too many secrets.

She says she’s moved on, but what we had is too powerful to ignore. I will stop at nothing to get her back, even if I drop dead in the process.


I fled to Greece with a broken heart, an identity crisis the size of Virginia, and a babysitter, courtesy of my dad. I cried in the arms of another man while my heart ached for my soulmate back home.

When I’m approached by the same people who nearly killed Jay, family secrets are spilled, leaving me in a state of denial and unsure of who to trust.

This organization wants to destroy my family, but the man I used to rely on for protection is a ghost of himself. Can I trust him to keep me safe, or will he break my heart all over again?


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