Book Tours & Blitz

Payment plans are available!


Book Blitz is ideal for a new release - cover reveals - a sale on your book or audiobook - reviving a prior release - or just because.

Every Blitz includes social media exposure on different platforms and graphics for Instagram and blogs.

I will need a 1-2 week notice before the date that you choose for the blitz.

Please download the media kit and have it filled out before you book the Blitz.  There will be a place to upload the kit and your cover photo.


Every Tour will have a dedicated tour page.  You can have a full-page or include only what you would like on it.  Here is an example of a full tour page.

Every Tour will have a video made at the end of the tour with all photos made by our hosts with review comments.  It will go live on our TikTok and Instagram profiles and I will provide a copy to the Author if requested.

Every Tour has Bloggers, Bookstagrammers, and Booktokers providing reviews.  Booktokers sometimes do a video compilation instead.

I will need at least a 4-week notice before we start your book tour.  I can do less time, however, anything less could result in not as many hosts.

Please download the media kit and have it filled out before you book the Tour.  There will be a place to upload the kit and your cover photo.

What is a Book Tour?

A Book Tour is essentially another way to market and gets your work out to the masses.

In today's age - everything is all online. ​

Need to order a book? Amazon it!  ​

Need to figure out what a title of a book is called that you read a year ago?  Ask a Facebook group!​

Need an answer to a question?  Google it!​

Well, you get it.  The point is, things have changed - and so is the way we market.

Insert a book tour.  I do it a bit differently in where your book is reviewed on blogs and on Instagram to reach more eyes than you normally would with only blogs.  Each host is also asked to review your books on other platforms as well.

  • Increase your Visibility

  • Reach New Audiences

  • Increase your Traffic

  • Get More Followers

  • Build your Mailing List

How do you choose the hosts?

I do not choose the hosts, but I do send an email out to a list of readers that I have.  The hosts only choose what books they want to host for, so it's not the same people every time doing all of the books.  Once the slots are filled for the 5 days, I will open more up so more can review. 

What is a host?

A host is a book blogger, a bookstagrammer (Instagram), or a booktoker (Tiktok) - that will read an e-ARC copy of your book and then post a banner or graphics, the blurb, a review, and tag you as well.  They are also encouraged to place their reviews in other places as well.  

What is the Author's page?

The Author page that I will make for you, that will have the graphics I make, the author interview, about the author section, and then all of the links to who is going to post for you, and then I switch them over to the actual review links after. These reviews are good to use on your own website, for your Amazon book page, pretty much anywhere. Same for your author page. You can post that everywhere! Readers LOVE to get to know the author behind the books they love.

Why do you need me to schedule so far in advance?

I like to have 4-5 weeks of notice in advance so that I can notify the readers, then 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the tour, I will send out the ARC to the readers who signed up to be part of the tour.

When would you schedule the tour for my book?

As for the tour itself. I like to schedule them the week or week after they release. If they release on a Monday or Tuesday I will do the same week, and if they release Wednesday-Friday I like to do them the next week. That way when people see the posts they can instantly go download it, and not just throw it on their TBR and forget about it.

What is the timeline for a tour?  How does it work?

  • The Author will request a tour (hopefully 4-5 weeks before release day).

After the contract and at least the down payment is paid, I will send out a form to be filled out by the author to collect all of the information I need.  (This is done in google docs so the Author can come and go).

  • I will send an email out to the hosts a day or two after.  (I like to have the Author's page done by this time too).

  • Two weeks prior to the tour, I will send out the final email to the hosts with graphics, the book link, and more.  This is also the time I would like to have the remaining funds paid for if you are using a payment plan.

  • Tour Starts!

  • The week after I will have the Author's tour page completely updated with the link going directly to the social media blasts & reviews.


Terms & Conditions:

RMWB cannot guarantee that any sales will come from your book tour.  What we can guarantee is getting your work out there and to more readers' eyes.

RMWB cannot guarantee that all hosts will post their reviews on the dates they signed up for.  We connect Authors with hosts, while encouraged, hosts volunteer their time and do not have to post.

RMWB will only provide reviews that are three stars and above, any other reviews will be held and released after the tour is over.  Usually, a promo post will be put up instead.


RMWB will be paid before the work starts and will not provide refunds.  There will be no exceptions as we will begin immediately after payment.

If for some reason your Blitz or Tour has less than 10 hosts, a discount of 15% will be applied towards the next Blitz or Tour that you schedule with us.