Author Assistant Services

I provide both single and monthly for Romance Authors.  I specialize in Paranormal/Fantasy and Contemporary Authors.

Single Service

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A book promo video can be used for anything from gaining interest for an upcoming release, the release itself, or even reviving a prior release.

I do ask that you give me a 2-3 day turnaround to complete your video.

I use licensed videos, all videos are paid for and licensed for you to use legally.

In the form, I ask for everything I need to make your video, but there is also a spot to add if you would like something added to your video or maybe a certain font family.  I cannot guarantee to be able to include your font, but I can try to come as close as possible.

I will build your website from the ground up.  Whether you want to move it from another platform to Wix or if you are starting new.  I will need good communication, so please be available by at least email.

You will need to purchase your website/domain through Wix.

I will start your website on my account and then move it over to yours when I am done.  I will walk you through adding your domain (or I can do it for you), adding your social media account if you want a carousel like I have on my homepage, and if you want to add a store, I will walk you through adding one (or I can do that for you).

A website build includes a homepage/landing page, about, books, blog, and store.  I can add more pages if you need them.  It will also include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure you are easily finable.

I will also walk you through the steps to connect your DNS server to your Newsletter so that your Newsletters are better deliverable.


Monthly Services


Need help with TikTok?  I can help.

The monthly service will include:

  • Two graphics videos

  • Two flip/quote videos (Author's provide paperbacks)

  • Give ideas for Tiktoks with current trends.

  • Respond as your Assistant to questions weekly.

  • Download videos after you have posted without a watermark to use on other apps.



Let me help you build and design your newsletter.

I will set up flows for new subscribers and/or for follow-ups for your reader magnet, and keep them update appropriately.

This service will include two newsletters a month and finding newsletter swaps.  If you are a Wide Author, it would be great if you had Bookfunnel, or a service like it.



I can help build your ARC team!  Whether you have already started it or you need someone to do it for you, I can help.

I will create the forms, spreadsheets, graphics, FB group, and everything else that we will need for your ARC team.

During your release month, I will send out the ARC's to your readers.

After the release, I will follow up with the ARC team to ensure most if not all ARC reviews have been written and posted,.




Keeping your website updated can be very time-consuming!

I can help with the following:

  • Keep your website running smoothly and update it as needed.

  • Bi-weekly bot cleanup.

  • Post your blogs fully formated.

  • Keep your shop up to date.

  • Make minor appearance changes when needed.

  • Basically, help with anything website-related.

*Must use Wix or WP.


"Stressed over your newsletters? Amy is the answer! Can’t figure out your complicated website? Let Amy craft a custom site for you that is easy to maintain. From creating graphics to organizing your schedule, Amy is a lifesaver. She is organized, creative, and excellent at communication. You won’t regret hiring Amy as your right hand woman.