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Arc team management

Are you finding that running your own ARC team amongst other things a bit too much? Maybe you aren't looking forward to hunting down all of the reviews on your own… We can help with that. We can do all of the management from the beginning to the end of your ARC team.

We do not require readers to post a review after they read in accordance with the Zon TOS.

What comes with our ARC Team Management:

Signup Form

1 ARC related graphic

1 book related Tiktok/Reel

Newsletter promo until we send out the ARC copies

Promo on our website

A group chat in our Discord

All correspondence through our email platform

A round-up of all reviews posted on a spreadsheet

What we need from the Author:

Cover Photo

ARC Link (when available)

Media kit that we provide filled out

$160 per book

Schedule your Arc team help

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