book tours& blitzes

Virtual Book Tours and Book Blitz are good marketing tools to reach more readers.  These marketing tools go beyond the reach that you may have and attract readers that have not yet seen your book.

A Virtual Book Tour is when the Author (you) give us ARC copies of your book and our hosts post their review on their public social media of choice.  Our hosts post anywhere on their Blogs, Bookstagrams, Booktoks, and/or Facebook.  We also ask our hosts to post their reviews to Goodreads, Bookbub, and the Zon.

A Virtual Book Blitz is a social media blast on Blogs, Bookstasgrams, Booktoks, and Facebook.  An ARC copy is not required for this.  We make graphics and post blurbs across social media to reach readers that may have not seen your book yet.

We have 1 Blitz option and 2 tour options.

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about me

Hi!  My name is Amy!  I am an introvert, well kind of.  I used to be an extrovert, so I still have some tendencies of one, but life gave me a few sour lemons - nothing a little Vodka or Tequilla can't fix though, am I right?  If you follow Enneagrams I am a Type 2 Wing 1, and I have a problem with trying to please everyone - but that is also a strength I think!  I have my BS in Psych, I am a Military Spouse, and I have 4 boys!  One of my boys is my angel baby, he passed at the age of 2 from brain cancer - so I am a HUGE advocate for pediatric cancer!

This brings me to my love of books.  Before I wasn't much into reading, but after - it was my only reprieve.  Now, my life is all things books.  Well, my kids and husband too - but a lot of books.  It's the point where one of my sons gives reviews to random things and people because he knows that mommy gives reviews too.  It's a whole thing.  So that's me in a nutshell.  I am a hot mess express and I love it!