Need an Author's Assitant?  I provide both single services and monthly services.  I specialize in both Paranormal/Fantasy and Contemporary Authors.

Single Services include website builds and promotional videos.

Monthly Services include:

  • Tiktok Management & Video Creation

  • Monthly Newsletter Services

  • ARC Team growth & Management

  • Monthly Website Management

If you are looking for other services please feel free to reach out and we can discuss.

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Virtual Book Tours and Book Blitz are a good marketing tool to reach more readers.  These marketing tools go beyond the reach that you may have and attract readers that have not yet seen your book.

A Virtual Book Tour is when the Author (you) give us ARC copies of your book and our hosts post their review on their public social media of choice.  Our hosts post on anywhere from their Blogs, Bookstagrams, Booktoks, and Facebook.  We also ask our hosts to post their reviews to Goodreads, Bookbub, and the Zon.

A Virtual Book Blitz is a social media blast on Blogs, Bookstasgrams, Booktoks, and Facebook.  An ARC copy is not required for this.  We make graphics and post the blurbs across social media to reach readers that may have not seen your book yet.

We have 1 Blitz option and 4 tour options.

We currently do anywhere from two to four book tours monthly.  We have the capacity to do more than that though.

Because we are always going, we have a current tour page and a past tour page so that you can always find anything that you are interested in.

Our tour pages include a short bio of the Author, important links to be able to find the Author,  the blurb to the book that we are touring, tour dates and links (these are filled out after the tour is complete), and an Author Q&A.  

Some things you can also find on some tours, depending on whether Authors would like to include it or not are: their Spotify playlist, and excerpt from the book, and giveaways from the Author.


Do you have a Book Blog, Bookstagram, or Booktok?

We would love to have you as a host!


Do you enjoy reading romance books?  Do you enjoy reading FREE romance books?  Our hosts receive electronic copies of books when an Author requests a Book Tour.

The process includes and initial email that I will send out to you (as the host) and if you sign up to be a host I will send another email to you two weeks prior to the tour with the link to the book and graphics that you can use.  You do not have to use my graphics, I also include the book cover and any 3D book mockups I make so that you can make your own graphics if you prefer.

On top of receiving a free book, you also earn credits that you can redeem for rewards.  Click the button below to learn more!

Have you been depending on social media and Zon to house all of your books in hopes they find you there easily?  What could be easier is if you had a website.  Not just a linktree to send your readers to different locations, but an actual website that you can have your books, reader magnent, your own store, blog, the sky is the limit!

I will only build on Wix.  While I can defenitly build a website on different platforms - I have found that Wix is more user friendly for the end user.  I have had several clients that have been able to easily manipulate and add things to their Wix websites, unlike other platforms where it was difficult for them to do so because it was not user friendly.

As with any website builds, you will have to pay for the upfront costs such as platform hosting through wix - but it does come with a free domain for the first year.  Watch for a sale through Wix to get 50% off.


This is how it all started for me!  I started blogging book reviews before I started doing anything else.  I enjoy reading and I enjoy telling people what I think about what I have read.

I do not review our Book Tours anymore because I don't want people to feel that there is a bias in what I review.  

On top of book reviews, I also do book box reviews, random thoughts from my head, Author takeovers, and Author spotlights.

We currently have three bloggers - Myself (Amy), Katie, and Kimberly.

What start out as just blogging book reviews, turned into being an Author's Assistant.  One of the things I offered as assistant was setting up Book Tours, and I made connections and enjoyed organizing Book Tours so much that I switched gears and decided to do mainly Tours and Blitz.  I do however still provide Author Assistant services which you can find here.

Romance me with Books currently has over 230 hosts from all over the world.  We enjoy all types of stories and subgenres such as: contemporary, fantasy, lgbtqa+, and more.  We however do not host full erotica stories.


Kimberly Ann - Author

"I would definitely recommend Romance with me Book Tours! Amy is very professional and personable, and will do whatever she can to get your book seen! I look forward to working with her again."